Happy Passover – Happy Easter

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Puppy Vaccination Schedule

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Always consult with a veterinarian to see which vaccine your pup may need first.Most pet parents agree at this time that pups should receive DHPPs- distemper, hepatic, parainfluenza and parvovirus every 3 to four weeks.This should start as early as 6-8 weeks of age, and usually ends at around 14-16 weeks of age.The DHPP  needs to be re-administered  to your puppy when he’s one year of age, and then again every three years.It is now recommended that older dogs should be vaccinated every three years.Because puppies get lots of initial pup vaccines while they still have their mother’s antibodies , this kills the disease in the vaccine and does not allow the puppy to form its own immunity.

Parvovirus (MLV) Core High > 1 year Low

CAV-2 (MLV) for Hepatitis Core High > 1 year Low Only use canine adenovirus-2 (CAV-2) vaccines, not CAV-1; also protects against respiratory disease caused…

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